From WMC 2013, GMM titles will be awarded to the top 5 placed competitors (who are not already GMMs) who have achieved a total of 5000 or more cumulative points in that competition.

This page contains:-
- Annual Listing
- International Grandmaster of Memory (IGM) (6000+ points)
- Changes to GMM and introduction of International Master of Memory 2013
- New Asian Master of Memory title (Since 2015)

The following Memory Athletes have attained the title of Grandmaster of Memory (GMM) which is only awarded at a World Memory Championships.

Annual listing - As at 14 April, 2017

The eight original Grandmaster of Memory (GMM) titles were awarded in October 1995 by Prince Philip von und zu Liechtenstein at Hanbury Manor.


October, London

1 Andi Bell England
2 Creighton Carvello England
3 Dominic O'Brien England
4 Jonathon Hancock England
5 Kevin Horsley South Africa
6 Mark Channon Scotland
7 Patrick Colgan Ireland
8 Philip Bond England
Grandmaster Norms: 4 Decks of Cards or 400 digits

"Potential candidates achieving a score of at least 2500 points in carefully adjudicated 'marathon' memory events were awarded the title of Grandmaster of Memory." Source: 'Synapsia' Autumn/Winter 1995


London, England

Grandmaster Norms: 6 Decks of Cards or 600 digits


London, England

1 David Thomas England Male Adult


London, England

1 Michael Tipper England Male Adult


London, England

1 Gunther Karsten Dr. Germany` Male Adult
2 Stephen Clarke England Male


August - London, England

1 Robert Carder England Male
2 Wan Jiun Wong Malaysia


August - London, England

1 Chan Tian How Malaysia
2 Christiane Stenger Germany Female
3 Jan Formann Denmark Male Adult
4 Michaela Karsten Dr. Czech. Republic Female Adult
5 Yip Swe Chooi Dr. Malaysia Male Adult
6 Yuan Ooi Shyong Malaysia


August - London, England

1 Astrid Plessl Austria Female Adult
2 Christina Braunger Germany Female
3 Lukas Amsuss Austria Male Adult
4 Steffen Butow Germany Male


October - Malaysia

1 Ben Pridmore England Male Adult
2 Fanny Boediman Indonesia Female Adult
3 Ivy Chong See Mun Malaysia Female Junior
4 John Louis India Male Adult
5 Mao Hua Wang China Adult
6 Nishant Kasibhatla India Male Adult
7 Prapti Hartiningsih Indonesia Male Adult
8 Scott Hagwood USA Male Adult
9 Titiani Loren Indonesia
10 Wiwik Setyowati Indonesia Adult
11 Yudi Lesmana Indonesia Male Junior
12 Zhang Jie China Adult
Grandmaster Norms (2003 and earlier)1 Hour Cards (365 Cards)
1 Hour Numbers (713 Numbers)
Speed Cards (180 seconds)


August - Manchester, England

1 Clemens Mayer Germany Male
2 Edward Cooke England Male Adult
3 Luise Sommer Dr. Austria Female Adult
Grandmaster Norms (2004 and onwards)1 Hour Cards (520 Cards)
1 Hour Numbers (1000 Numbers)
Speed Cards (120 seconds)


August - Oxford, England

1 Alisa Kellner Germany Female
2 Boris Nikolai Konrad Germany Male Adult
3 Joachim Thaler Austria
4 Trevor Nell South Africa Male


August - London, England

1 Cornelia Beddies Germany Female Adult


August - Bahrain

1 Chen Yu Juan China
4 Guo Chuanwei China Male Adult
2 Huang Jindong China
3 Lee Tai Yiu Hong Kong Male Adult
4 Liu Ping China
5 Simon Reinhard Germany Male Adult
6 Wu Tiansheng China
7 Zhuang Haizan China


October - Bahrain

1 James Ponder England Male Adult
2 Johannes Mallow Germany Male Adult
3 Jurgen Petersen Germany Male Adult
4 Yuan Wenkui China Male Adult
5 Yip Siow Hong Malaysia Male Adult
6 Zheng Caiqian China Male Adult


November - London, England

1 Ola Kare Risa Norway Male Adult
2 Shi Junheng China
3 Su Ruiqiao China Male Junior
4 Wang Feng China Male Adult
4 Zhang Shiyu China Junior
5 Zhu Shao Min China Female Adult


November, Guangzhou, China

1 Corinna Draschl Austria Female Adult
2 Chang Guohui China
3 Cui Zhonghong China Male Adult
4 Deng Lequan China Female Junior
5 Gong Lei China Male Adult
6 Huang Huazhu China Female Junior
7 Huang Yaohui China Male Adult
8 Li Haoming China Male Adult
9 Li Peiyi China Female Adult
10 Li Qingping China Male Adult
11 Li Wei China Male Adult
12 Liang Wanjia China Female Adult
13 Liang Yuming China Male Adult
14 Liu Jian China Male Adult
15 Liu Liqiong China Female Adult
16 Liu Mingwang China Male Adult
17 Liu Su China Male Adult
18 Mi Yong China Male Adult
19 Qiu Ziyou China Male Adult
20 Wang Min China Female Adult
21 Wu Siyuan China Female Adult
22 Wu Zhenhui China Male Adult
23 Wu Ziyu China Female Junior
24 Yu Wei China Male Adult


December, Guangzhou, China

1 Akjol Syeryekkhaan Mongolia Male Adult
2 Andy Tsz Kit Fong Hong Kong Male Adult
3 Chen Jian Ting China Male Junior
4 Chen Ping Ping China Female Adult
5 Chen Yujie China Male Adult
6 Fu Jianjin China Male Adult
7 Hu Qingwen China Male Adult
8 Hu Xiaoling China Female Adult
9 Huang Rong Hao China Male Adult
10 Jiang Shiyu China Male Adult
11 Jiang Zhuo Lang China Male Adult
12 Lan Gui China Male Adult
13 Li Dandan China Female Adult
14 Liu Hongzhi China Male Kids
15 Liu Kong Jie China Male Adult
16 Liu Xiaoting China Female Adult
17 Liu Xiwen China Female Adult
18 Lu Fei Fei China Female Adult
19 Mark Anthony P. Castaneda Philippines Male Adult
20 Qin Wanli China
21 Saikhanbayar Tsogbadrah Mongolia Male Adult
22 Sun Xiao Hui China Male Adult
23 Tan Qiu Fan China Female Adult
24 Wang Diandian China Male Junior
25 Wang Xiaolu China Female Adult
26 Xiong Yuan Fang China Female Adult
27 Xu Canlin China Male Adult
28 Yang Guanxin China Male Adult
29 You Dongmei China Female Adult
30 Yu Binjing China Male Adult
31 Yuan Meng China Female Adult
32 Zhang Hongxing China Male Adult
33 Zhang Tiehan China Male Adult
34 Zhang Zuo Yi Wei China Male Junior
35 Zhong Chuan China Male Adult
36 Zhou Qi China Male Adult
37 Zhou Qiang China Male Adult
38 Zhu Xuan Hao China Male Adult
39 Zou Zhongming China Male Adult


December - London, England

1 Chan Chi Wa Hong Kong Female Adult
2 Erwin G. Balines Philippines MaleAdult
3 Jonas von Essen Sweden MaleAdult
4 Marwin Wallonius Sweden MaleAdult
5 Mattias Ribbing Sweden MaleAdult
6 Nelson Dellis USA MaleAdult


December - London, England

Transition year of IMM and GMM
1 Bat-Erdene TSOGOO Mongolia Male Junior
2 CAO Quanquan China Male Adult
3 HU Xisheng China Male Adult
4 Johann Randall P. ABRINA Philippines Male Adult
5 Johnny (Juan) BRIONES USA Male Adult
6 Joona Aapeli Marjakangas Finland Male Adult
7 Mark Aaroe Nissen Denmark Male Adult
8 Matteo Salvo Italy Male Adult
9 Namuuntuul BAT-ERDENE Mongolia Female Junior
10 Rajendra JAIN India Male Adult
11 Sengesamdan ULZIIKHUTAG Mongolia Male Adult
12 WU Dide China Male Adult
13 Yoshihiro IKEDA Japan Male Adult

Grandmaster Norm 2013 and onwards - Top 5 placed competitors that are not already GMMs who have achieved a total of 5000 or more cumulative points in that competition


December - Hainan, China

1 Purevjav ERDENESAIKHAN Mongolia Male Junior
2 ZHENG Aiqiang China Male Adult


December - Chengdu, China

1 Chen Yongsong 陈永松 China Male Adult
2 HUANG Shenghua 黄胜华 China Male Adult
3 Liu Huifeng 刘会凤 China Female Adult
4 Pan Ziqi 潘梓祺 China Male Adult
5 Shijir-Erdene BAT-ENKH Mongolian Male Junior


December - Singapore

1 Ariunsanaa BAYARDALAI Mongolian Male Junior
2 Ni Shenggui China Male Adult
3 QIN Lei China Male Adult
4 Shi Yanni China Female Adult
5 YANG Zejin China Male Adult

International Grandmaster of Memory (IGM)

A new title of International Grandmaster of Memory (IGM) will be awarded to competitors who have achieved more than 6,000 points according to current millennium standards (as of January 2013) at a World Memory Championship and to all former World Champions of Memory.

Inaugural List of IGMs

1 Andi Bell England
2 Astrid Plessl Austria
3 Ben Pridmore England
4 Boris Konrad Germany
5 Clemens Mayer Germany
6 Christian Schafer Germany
7 Dominic O'Brien England
8 Dr Gunther Karsten Germany
9 Johannes Mallow Germany
10 Jonathan Hancock England
11 Jonas von Essen Sweden
12 Liu Su China
13 Simon Reinhard Germany
14 Wang Feng China

2013 IGM Awardee

1 Ola Kare RISA Norway

2014 IGM Awardee

1 Marwin Wallonius Sweden
2 Sengesamdan ULZIIKHUTAG Mongolia

2015 IGM Awardee

2 Enkhmunkh ERDENEBATKHAAN Mongolia
3 Purevjav ERDENESAIKHAN Mongolia
4 Shi Binbin 石彬彬 China
5 Yanjindulam ALTANSUH Sweden

2016 IGM Awardee

1 Enkhshur NARMANDAKH Mongolia
2 Lance Tschirhart USA
3 LIU Huifeng China
4 Munkhshur NARMANDAKH Mongolia
5 Prateek YADAV India
6 Su Zehe China
7 Tsetsegzul ZORIGTBAATAR Mongolia
8 Zou Lujian China

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Changes to Grandmaster of Memory (GMM) and introduction of International Master of Memory (IMM)

To encourage new entrants globally to take up the sport of memory, the World Memory Sports Council has decided to introduce a new title recognising significant achievement. Commencing at WMC2013, the WMSC will introduce a new title of International Master of Memory (IMM) and redefine qualification criteria for the title of Grandmaster of Memory (GMM). 2013 will be a transition year where both IMM and GMM will be awarded for the same achievement.

The title of World Memory Champion (WMC), contested annually, remains the supreme means of recognition of Memory Athletes.

The changes have been introduced for two reasons:
- To maintain the prestige of GMM as the ultimate permanent accolade in memory.
- To grant recognition for achievement at a lower level than GMM but that is still an outstanding effort.

International Master of Memory (IMM) will follow the previous GMM Criteria and must be achieved in WMSC approved, 10 discipline tournaments.

Competitors do not have to achieve all 3 norms in a single tournament.
- 1000 digits in one hour.
- 10 decks of cards in one hour.
- One deck of cards in 2 minutes or less.

Competitors who wish to attain their International Master of Memory qualifications at a World Memory Championships must ensure that they compete in all 10 disciplines and achieve a total of 3000 or more cumulative points i.e. not solely focusing on the International Master Events.

IMM, GMM, and IGM can only be awarded at the World Memory Championship.

GMM titles will be awarded to the top 5 placed competitors that are not already GMMs who have achieved a total of 5000 or more cumulative points in that year's World Memory Championship.

Any competitor who already has a full GMM title will maintain their title for life.

Any competitor with one or two current GM Norms may use these to contribute to the new IMM title.

The above criteria supersede and replaces all previous GMM qualification criteria.


December - London, England

Transition year of IMM and GMM
1 Bat-Erdene TSOGOO Mongolia Male Junior
2 CAO Quanquan China Male Adult
3 HU Xisheng China Male Adult
4 Johann Randall P. ABRINA Philippines Male Adult
5 Johnny (Juan) BRIONES USA Male Adult
6 Joona Aapeli Marjakangas Finland Male Adult
7 Mark Aaroe Nissen Denmark Male Adult
8 Matteo Salvo Italy Male Adult
9 Namuuntuul BAT-ERDENE Mongolia Female Junior
10 Rajendra JAIN India Male Adult
11 Sengesamdan ULZIIKHUTAG Mongolia Male Adult
12 WU Dide China Male Adult
13 Yoshihiro IKEDA Japan Male Adult


December - Hainan, China

1 Anudari ADIYASUREN Mongolia Female Junior
2 Axel J. TABERNILLA Philippines MaleAdult
3 CHAN Wen Shi Hong Kong FemaleAdult
4 CHEN HaoChinaMaleAdult
5 CHEN YongsongChinaMaleAdult
6 CHEN ZhiqiangChinaMaleJunior
7 DONG XunChinaFemaleJunior
8 HE LeiChinaFemaleAdult
9 HE PingChinaMaleAdult
10 HE ZhiqiangChinaMaleAdult
11 HUANG ShenghuaChinaMaleAdult
12 Jamyla Domingo LAMBUNAOPhilippinesFemaleJunior
13 KONG XingyuChinaMaleAdult
14 LAW YANChinaFemaleAdult
15 LI Juncheng China FemaleAdult
16 LI Lu China FemaleAdult
17 LI QingChinaFemaleAdult
18 LIAO XiangxiangChinaMaleAdult
19 LIN LeiChinaFemaleAdult
20 LIN MinChinaMaleAdult
21 LIN XinyuChinaFemaleJunior
22 LIU HuifengChinaFemaleAdult
23 LIU ZhihongChinaMaleAdult
24 MA Jin Yau Hong KongMaleJunior
25 MA Yunfeng China Male Adult
26 MAO HongweiChinaMaleAdult
27 Meryem YezzaAlgeriaFemaleAdult
28 NIE Dongdong China MaleAdult
29 QU Wengang China MaleAdult
30 SHEN YifanChinaMaleAdult
31 SHU YubiaoChinaMaleAdult
32 SONG PeihengChinaMaleJunior
33 SU QingboChinaMaleAdult
34 TEO Kim Foo Malaysia MaleAdult
35 WANG RuixiChinaFemaleJunior
36 WENG CuipingChinaMaleAdult
37 WU QiongChinaFemaleAdult
38 XI Meng China MaleAdult
39 Xu CanlinChinaMaleAdult
40 Xu Xiaoming China MaleAdult
41 YANG ShikuoChinaFemaleAdult
42 YE XiangwenChinaFemaleAdult
43 YU ZiliChinaFemaleAdult
44 ZHANG Jing China MaleAdult
45 ZHANG JingchengChinaMaleAdult
46 ZHAO RuilinChinaMaleAdult
47 ZHOU HaoChinaMaleAdult
48 ZHU WenjuanChinaMaleAdult


December - Chengdu, China

1Ariunsanaa BAYARDALAI Mongolia Male Junior
2Chen Yang 陈阳 China Male Adult
3Chen Yongjian 陈永剑 China Male Adult
4Chen Zehui 陈泽辉 China Male Adult
5Chen Zeqi 陈泽麒 China Male Kids
6Chen Zheqing 陈哲卿 China Female Junior
7Chen Zhifeng 陈智峰 China Male Adult
8Chi Bin 池斌 China Male Adult
9Chi Yongrui 迟永锐 China Male Adult
10Cui Yifan 崔一凡 China Male Adult
11Ding Wenxuan 丁文萱 China Male Kids
12Enkhjin TUMUR Mongolia male Junior
13Fang Shiqi 方士奇 China Male Adult
14Fu Liudi 傅柳迪 China Male Adult
15Gan Kaoyuan 甘考源 China Male Adult
16Gu Yulei 顾玉磊 China Male Adult
17Guo Yu 郭宇 China Male Adult
18He Yiming 何益鸣 China Female Adult
19Huang Yitong 黄驿童 China Female Kids
20Ismoilov Khusniddin Uzbekistan Male Adult
21JEONG Gye Won South Korea Male Adult
22Jiang Shukang 蒋淑康 China Female Adult
23Joshua Koh Singapore Male Adult
24Khangai Batbaatar Mongolia Male Junior
25KWON Soon-Moon Orissam South Korea Male Adult
26Lei Nanyan 雷南燕 China Female Adult
27Li Jiayi 李佳宜 China Female Junior
28Li Siyu 李偲妤 China Female Adult
29Li Yu 李煜 China Male Adult
30Lin Shaobo 林少波 China Male Adult
31Liu Jun 刘俊 China Male Adult
32Liu Kangyu 刘康煜 China Male Junior
33Liu Na 柳娜 China Female Adult
34Liu Xianmei 刘显梅 China Female Adult
35Lu Honglian 卢红莲 China Female Adult
36Lu Longbin 卢龙斌 China Male Adult
37Lu Ming 陆明 China Female Adult
38Lu Wei 陆伟 China Male Adult
39Luo Menglan 罗梦兰 China Female Junior
40Marlo KNIGHT England Male Adult
41Melanie HOLLEIN Germany Female Adult
42Motoro OHNO Japan Male Adult
43Nomin Ariunbold Mongolia Female Junior
44Omkar KIBE India Male Adult
45Qin Lei 覃雷 China Male Adult
46Qiu Lijun 邱利军 China Male Adult
47Rick de Jong The Netherlands Male Adult
48Shi Dawei 史大伟 China Male Adult
49Sri Vyshnavi YARLAGADDA India Female Adult
50SUN Hanming Hong Kong Male Adult
51Tamim GATANESH Libya Male Junior
52Tan Kangmin 谭康民 China Male Junior
53Tang Daijie 唐戴捷 China Male Adult
54Tang Haoyang 唐浩洋 China Male Adult
55Tong Jinyu 佟金宇 China Male Adult
56Tuvshintugs NYAMDORJ Mongolia male Junior
57Wang Ci 王次 China Male Adult
58Wang Jie 王杰 China Female Adult
59Wang Tao 王涛(广州)  China Male Adult
60Wang Tao 王涛(武汉)  China Male Adult
61Wang Yehong 王业宏 China Female Adult
62Wang Yiming 王一茗 China Female Kids
63Wang Yueru 王月茹 China Female Junior
64Wellon CHOU Singapore Male Adult
65Wu Chuchu 吴楚楚 China Female Junior
66Wu Xinwei 吴欣慰 China Female Junior
67Wu Xinxin 吴欣欣 China Female Adult
68Xie Chaodong 谢超东 China Male Adult
69Xie Liuxin 谢柳欣 China Female Adult
70Xie Peitong 解培通 China Male Junior
71Xie Yifan 谢一凡 China Male Junior
72Xu Linfeng 徐林凤 China Female Adult
73Xu Zhitian 许志天 China Male Junior
74Yahia Nasreddine RASSINE Algeria Male Adult
75Yalguun ERDENEBAT Mongolia Female Junior
76Yan Jiashuo 闫家硕 China Female Kids
77Yan Ling 严凌 China Male Adult
78Yang Kun 杨坤 China Female Adult
79Yang Mingxia 杨明霞 China Female Junior
80YANG Yan 杨雁 China Male Adult
81Yang Zejin 杨泽金 China Male Adult
82Ye Yunting 叶韵婷 China Female Adult
83Yi Xuelian 易雪莲 China Female Adult
84Yin Xiqiong 尹锡琼 China Female Adult
85Yu Yipei 余奕沛 China Male Adult
86Yuan Guanlou 袁观楼 China Male Adult
87Zhang Jiwen 张积文 China Male Adult
88Zhao Liang 赵亮 China Male Adult
89Zhou Liyue 周黎悦 China Female Adult
90Zhou Ying 周莹 China Female Adult


December - Singapore

1An YanweiChinaFemaleAdult
2Ariunzaya BATBOLDMongoliaFemaleJunior
3Batbileg BATSURENMongoliaMaleJunior
4Chao LingxueChinaMaleAdult
5Chen JinganChinaMaleKids
6Chen JuCanadaMaleAdult
7Chen RenpengChinaMaleAdult
8Chen ZenanChinaMaleAdult
9Chen ZhengyuanChinaMaleKids
10Cheng ZihangChinaMaleJunior
11CHEW KIN MENGMalaysiaMaleAdult
12Dong BoChinaMaleAdult
13Emma AnderssonSwedenFemaleJunior
14Feng sihaiChinaMaleAdult
15Grace Ng Sin Ping SingaporeFemaleAdult
16Han TingtingChinaFemaleAdult
17Han YiChinaMaleAdult
18Hao JiaqiChinaFemaleJunior
19Hong chongyanChinaMaleJunior
20Hu JiabaoChinaMaleAdult
21Hu MinChinaFemaleJunior
22Huang HuajiChinaMaleJunior
23Huang ShifengChinaMaleAdult
24Jiang JingxinChinaMaleAdult
25Li BingchenChinaMaleKids
26Li JianChinaMaleAdult
27Li JiazhengChinaMaleAdult
28Li LiChinaFemaleAdult
29Li LinpeiChinaMaleJunior
30Li ShaochuChinaMaleJunior
31Li YangChinaMaleKids
32Li YixiaoChinaFemaleJunior
33Liang GuangyuChinaMaleAdult
34Liang LeiChinaMaleAdult
35Lin FaChinaMaleAdult
36Ling HaichengChinaMaleAdult
37Liu DanChinaFemaleAdult
38Liu JingwenChinaMaleAdult
39Liu RenjieChinaMaleAdult
40Liu XinyuChinaMaleJunior
41Liu ZhimengChinaMaleJunior
42Liu ZhuoChinaMaleJunior
43Lkhagvadulam ENKHTUYAMongoliaFemaleJunior
44Lv KejiaoChinaFemaleAdult
45Munkhbaatar GANBOLDMongoliaMaleJunior
46Namuundari NegiMongoliaFemaleKids
47Ni TongtongChinaMaleAdult
48Peng NanChinaFemaleAdult
49Qi HuiziChinaFemaleAdult
50Qi XinyuanChinaFemaleKids
51Siew Chung WongMalaysiaMaleJunior
52Song JianmingChinaMaleAdult
53Sun BaohuaChinaMaleAdult
54Sun YuweiChinaFemaleJunior
55Tan YangChinaFemaleJunior
56Tuguldur MunkhbaatarMongoliaMaleJunior
57Wang EnyuanChinaMaleKids
58Wang JiannanChinaFemaleAdult
59Wang JuanjuanChinaFemaleAdult
60Wang XuebingChinaFemaleAdult
61Wu bingyuChinaFemaleJunior
62Xiao YuhaoChinaMaleJunior
63Xie QingpingChinaMaleAdult
64Xie TianChinaMaleJunior
65Xin RuomoChinaMaleJunior
66Xu DongminChinaMaleAdult
67Yang JunChinaFemaleAdult
68Yang ShangguiChinaMaleJunior
69Ye JunwenChinaMaleAdult
70Yuan WenheChinaMaleJunior
71Zeng TianzeChinaMaleAdult
72Zhai QinghuaChinaFemaleAdult
73Zhang DingjunChinaFemaleJunior
74Zhang LingfengChinaMaleAdult
75Zhang WeiChinaFemaleAdult
76Zhang XianwenChinaMaleJunior
77Zhao GuangweiChinaMaleAdult
78Zhao MeijunChinaFemaleAdult
79Zhao YitianChinaMaleKids
80Zhou MeijuanChinaFemaleAdult
81Zhou RongxinChinaMaleAdult
82Zhou SailiChinaFemaleAdult
83Zhou XiaolongChinaMaleAdult
84Zhou ZeqinChinaMaleJunior
85Zhu PengfeiChinaMaleAdult
86Zong ZhenzeChinaMaleJunior
87Zou QuanChinaMaleJunior

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